Last week we brought you the biggest fashion disasters from the Bond movie series. But while Bond has made plenty of fashion mistakes, he's more than made up for it with his fashion triumphs, including White Tuxes and Brioni suits.

Here are the 15 absolute best outfits from 50 years of James Bond movies.

Top: 1) The infamous Honey Rider bathing suit from Dr. No (1962). No one should be caught swimming without a knife holster in their bathing suit.

2) White Dinner Jacket from Goldfinger (1964).

3) The lady suits in From Russia With Love (1963) were not messing around.

We weren't kidding. From Russia With Love (1963).

4) At first we were all about Largo and his white hair, white jacket, with the amazing contrast of his black bow tie. But then we looked to the right and OMG WHO IS THAT! YOU WIN, SISTER. Thunderball (1965).

5) Silk, shoulder pad jumpsuit and heels. I... it's... gorgeous. Moonraker (1979).

6) Gold midriff-baring top with a long skirt? Check. Goldfinger (1964).

7) The new Q in Skyfall (2012) was quite a stylish little thing. The cardigan and tie ensemble looked so refined and yet completely contrasted with the "brute in a suit" Bond, as it was intended to. The glasses, pants, hair sweater — it's a complete knock out.

8) Grace Jones suffered from some seriously unfair fashion moments in A View to a Kill (1985). Specifically, the ninja thong. However, there were a collection of insane 80s Bond Girl moments that just killed it. The hair, the hoods it's all amazing. We particularly love her "we're getting away with it" turban moment.

9) Dr. No in Dr. No (1962). You slick bastard in your stunning Nehru jacket (which Bond also rocks). Clean lines, from the tip of his head down to your evil little shoes.

10) Peek-a-boo bathing suit with a tiny shoulder cover up. This is how we all look at the pool. Thunderball (1965).

11) Brioni Dinner Jacket. Casino Royale (2006)

12) George Lazenby rocking the cream suit, pink shirt and a textured tie. Goodness, we love Bond in pink. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969).

13) Ignore pervy Roger Moore and just focus on this wonderful piece of lounge wear from Moonraker (1979).

14) Stunning sequin ensemble. Live and Let Die (1973).

15) We couldn't pick just one! Who wore it best? Goldfinger (1964) vs. Casino Royale (2006).

UPDATE: Sorry, yet ANOTHER Goldfinger (1964) suit. The grey three piece wonder. Which (we believe) is the exact same suit Leonardo DiCaprio asks to recreate in Catch Me If You Can.


Images thanks to The Suits of Bond (an AMAZING website that is just full of fantastic Bond fashion) and Screen Musings.