Imagine Bigfoot on Mars, defending the lowly from evil military leaders and terrifying slave masters who are all covered in spines and exoskeletons and other cool shit like that. Reading the new indie comic Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman is kind of like mainlining the Planet Hulk series while mashing your face into some classic issues of Hellboy. In short, it's full of bad craziness, giant aliens, and awesomely pulpy art by Andy Taylor.

As the book opens, Bigfoot is plunged into an internecine conflict between warring alien groups who all carry a lot of badass weapons. He's kind of adopted by a scribe called Castor Bagworm, who is basically the nerd of monsters — he writes for a living, steals for great justice, and isn't quite as spiny as everybody else. Together, Castor and Bigfoot are about to go on some excellent Martian adventures — if they can escape from prison, giant bugs, and conscription. Why do I even need to tell you this? It's Bigfoot with a sword on Mars! Go order the book now!

The book's premise was inspired partly by a Mars Rover meme, which has the robot spotting Bigfoot on Mars.

Writer Joshua Henaman told io9:

The first thought I had when I saw the Bigfoot on Mars image was, "How did he get there?" After that, all I could think about was an old grizzled warrior thinking back on his past. It's an origin story, but one where you're dropped immediately into foreign territory and (hopefully) some exciting pulp-style action. The rover's image had such an impact on me, I had to give a special thanks to the NASA crew on the editorial page of the book.

Awww. If you like pulpy, funny action you can't miss this one. Check it out.