Earlier today we learned about the science of soap bubbles — now here are some soap bubbles that look like science fiction. Photographer Jason Tozer has been doing a series of close-up images of bubbles that look like weird, psychedelic exoplanets.

Talking to Petapixel, Tozer explains:

All of these bubbles are sitting on a wet ring. This gives me time to set the focus and size of the bubble, and manipluate the colours if I choose to. I blow down a straw to excite the surface of the bubble & spin the colour bands around. Occasionally a bubble will last much much longer than the others and it becomes increasingly clear as the colour bands move to the base. If I blow carefully on these, I can sometimes create the almost colourless textures, the more moon like ones.

Check out some of our favorites below, and tons more at the link. [Petapixel]