Twitter novelty account Authentic Wm. Gibson (@AuthenticWmGibs) assures us that it contains "Synopses for William Gibson novels that are definitely 100% real, but only in a timeline with greater authenticity than this one." While some of the writer's pastiches of Gibson's futuristic global politics, explorations of technology, and fascination with the minutiae of design and fashion are off-the-wall bonkers, some of them we'd actually like to read.

Much like TNG Season 8 (which tweets imagined episodes from a never-made season of Star Trek: The Next Generation), @AuthenticWmGibs lovingly pokes fun at the conventions of Gibson's work while coming up with some intriguing ideas of his own:

Remember, if you'd like to follow the William Gibson from this universe, you can find him on Twitter @GreatDismal.

Photo by Frederic Poirot.

Authentic Wm. Gibson, found via Charles Stross, who tweets: