THE FINAL CONFLAGRATION | What's happening in this picture? Only you can decide, by taking part in the final installment of our concept art writing prompt series. Can you finish the story of the Man who Stole the World, and create words that live up to our cool pictures?

7 Best-Case Scenarios for the Future of Humanity

Most science fictional and futurist visions of the future tend towards the negative - and for good reason. Our environment is a mess, we have a nasty tendency to misuse technologies, and we're becoming increasingly capable of destroying ourselves. More »

The Worst Fashion Disasters from James Bond Movies

James Bond and his harem of "Bond Girls" usually look like sex wrapped around a hot stick. But every now and again, Bond misses his mark. Big time. Sometimes, Bond goes way overboard. Here are the 15 worst James Bond fashion moments on film. More »

Oh, this? Just some teenage girls from Africa who invented a urine-powered generator.

How's this for an innovative startup: four African girls - the eldest of which is just fifteen years old - have worked together to invent a generator that's powered by urine. More »

10 Dorkiest Characters (Who are Undefeated Badasses)

Coolness doesn't win a single battle. And often, the coolest heroes and villains are too busy standing around posing and looking awesome to get the frickin job done. More »

Is NASA about to unveil plans for manned moon mission?

Suit up, people - word is we're heading back to the Moon. According to space policy expert John Logsdon, there's a decent chance NASA has already cleared plans to establish a manned base on the far side of the Moon with the Obama administration. More »

Why Is the US Still Hung Up on the Abortion Debate? A Bioethics Perspective

Unlike most countries in the developed world, the United States is still deeply mired in the abortion debate - a hotly contested issue that divides the nation and still holds the potential to tip the balance at election time. More »

The Very Best of the Disney/Star Wars Mash-Up Art

You may have heard, Disney bought Lucasfilm last week and promised a Star Wars: Episode VII by 2015. This means just one thing: tons and tons and tons of Disney/Star Wars mash-up art. More »

What will the world be like when China is a global superpower?

Despite intense political debates (and fearmongering) over China's growing hold over the U.S., we rarely see science fiction stories that depict it becoming a superpower. It's like we're afraid to imagine in fiction what the U.S. presidential candidates argued over repeatedly in their debates. Even the remake of Red Dawn shies away from a Chinese future; the movie was about a Chinese invasion, but that detail was changed in post-production to North Korea. More »

Could The Hunger Games get published today?

The Hunger Games helped to transform the landscape of publishing, convincing a ton of people that young adult novels could be important, serious books. More »

New study confirms our worst fears about why kids are getting fat

You hear scare stories about how kids in the U.S. are gaining weight because of our fast food culture. But is there science to back up the anecdotes? Now there is. More »

11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About James Bond

You don't know all the secrets of James Bond. The swashbuckling, cocktail-sipping superspy has spent over 50 years as a cultural phenomenon, defeating plans for world destruction and riding on insane vehicles - and along the way, he's had more than his fair share of weird stories and strange interludes. Now that he's back in the public imagination, it's time to explore the secret history of 007. More »

How the death of one tiny particle could end the universe

No one has observed any evidence for proton decay. That might be disappointing professionally for physicists, but it's good news for the universe. If it turns out to be possible, proton decay could be the beginning of the end of everything. More »

Do you know your sci-fi spaceship ABCs?

Head over to Time for Hugs and get the full-resolution version of this poster. (Creator Scott Markley is emailing out files since he can't sell the copyrighted images.) Print it out and hang it on a child's wall. More »

The terrifying discovery of the Lawn Dart Effect

Whenever you see the word "aviation," you don't want to see the words "lawn dart" immediately afterwards. They just shouldn't be linked. And yet, due to a quirk of the human brain, they are. More »

New World War Z trailer looks like 2012 with zombies

The new trailer for the much-troubled World War Z is out. And yes, there's a lot of Brad Pitt, and yes, there are zombies. But in lieu of fascinating political drama and heartbreaking tales of survival, we get a Roland Emmerich-worthy disaster flick, with reanimated bodies in lieu of earthquakes and rising tides. More »