Feast your eyes on one of the many jaw-dropping sculptures featured at Bloemencorso, an annual parade held in Zundert, Netherlands. Like every other sculpture in the parade, this one is made of a special medium. Can you guess what it is? Big hint in the parade name.

IT'S FLOWERS. But you probably already figured that. After all, countries all over the world conduct annual flower parades. The big one in the U.S. is the Rose Parade. In Colombia it's La Feria de Las Flores (The Festival of the Flowers). Alexandra, New Zealand has the Blossom Festival. But the Dutch are especially passionate about their flower parades (seriously, click here for a list), and none moreso than this one, in Zundert.

The parade happens every September, so you'll have to wait until next year to catch it in person, but you can check out tons of videos and photos over on the event's website and photostream. Over on COLOSSAL, Christopher Jobson has posted an hour long video of the parade so you can experience it for yourself. We've picked out a handful of our favorites and featured them below to whet your appetite.

[Spotted on COLOSSAL]