You may have heard, Disney bought Lucasfilm last week and promised a Star Wars: Episode VII by 2015.

This means just one thing: tons and tons and tons of Disney/Star Wars mash-up art. And some of it is pretty damn clever. Check out the best of what the internet has to offer.

Via Will Mottram.

By C-Clancy via DeviantArt.

By Bruno Sousa via DeviantArt.

By Sam Brady.

Via HowToBeADad.

By 14-bis at DeviantArt.

Andy and Han by Themetapicture.

By Austin Madison.

By Redditor Filmeiker.

By McKay Thomas.

By James Silvani.

By James Silvani.

By James Silvani.

By James Silvani.

By AirSharkSquad via DeviantArt.

By 20th Century Fox Fan Fare.

By Seniorgoldenspork at DeviantArt.

Via Team Coco.

Rapunzel Leia by Sajira via DeviantArt.

We've hit this one before, but it's so perfect we had to include it again. Drawn by James Hance.

For even more art check out the Disney's Star Wars tumblr and Team Coco.