The io9 community and the Framestore art department are working on a bold new experiment. We're collaboratively writing a story - half in prose, and half in images. Nearly 200 of you wrote flash fiction in response to the first pair of images we posted, and dozens more to the second pair. Now we've got our final set of four images, and it's time for you to finish the story we now call "The Man Who Stole The World."

You voted for your favorite stories for parts one and two, and you can read them (and look at the images that prompted them) here:

Part I
Part II

The final set of images is in this post — one is above and three more are below.

Here's how the game has gone so far:

Over two months ago, we posted original concept art developed by Framestore's visual development department. Your job was to post in the comments a piece of flash fiction (no more than 800 words!) that told a story about what was happening in those two images. Then, you voted on which stories you liked best. Framestore's artists read the story and created two new pieces of art in response, to move the story along. A month ago, you continued the game by submitting stories that could become chapter 2, then picked a winner for that round too.

Now it's your job to write the conclusion.

Here are the rules for this final round:

No more than 1,000 words. You must post your conclusion in comments below by Sunday, Nov. 11, at midnight PST. Then we'll vote on which story wins, and the result will become a gorgeous art book.


Before you write anything, you must read parts one and two, look at the new images, and make sure: 1) Your story substantively continues and concludes the action in the first two parts; and 2) Your story substantively engages with the art.

Here are the four images you must reference in your conclusion (click to enlarge).

Here, again, are the two previous parts:

Part I
Part II

If you want to know more about what the hell we're doing here, well, allow me to explain . . .

Our experiment is a variation on the "exquisite corpse" method of story creation. An exquisite corpse is a storytelling method where the narrative is collectively assembled by a group of individuals. Each writer adds to the body of work by advancing the story where the last writer left off. In our version of the exquisite corpse, artists from the incredible visual effects firm Framestore will participate in advancing the story too.

The players:

Framestore: The Framestore art department has done VFX and concept design for countless companies and studios, and has worked on movies like Captain America, Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows and several Harry Potter movies. Up next for the company will be FX for Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity and Keanu Reeves samurai epic 47 Ronin. They also developed the zombie concept designs for World War Z.


You: You are a part of the io9 community and you are serious about writing short fiction. You don't need to be a professional writer, though we would love pros to join us. You just need to be somebody who loves to write, and wants an excuse to do more of it. Never published before? Don't be scared. Now's the time to start!