While the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and Canada hunker down and wait for the fury of Frankenstorm to abate, you can rest assured that we've survived worse. In this footage of some of the most terrifying storms ever to hit New England, you can find out what it looks like when major American cities are slammed by hurricanes. Above you can see footage of the Great New England Hurricane of 1938, nicknamed the Long Island Express. It was a category 3 hurricane that flooded the Big Apple.

Here's an amazing movie made by the WPA, about the 1938 hurricane and its aftermath in New York City.

Plus, here are some great newsreels from 1938, 36, and 33, when hurricanes hit the Atlantic coast and submerged cities.

If you're wondering what's happening on the East Coast right now, you can consult the Google crisis map of New York City — or watch the drama unfolding through Instagram pictures or on webcams.