This weekend marked the peak of this year's stunning Orionid meteor shower. Photographs of the annual celestial lightshow are still rolling in (stargazers can expect to spot intermittent meteors during predawn hours for the next few days), but here are a few of our favorites so far.

Photographed by Frank Rinas near Cologne, Germany

An Orionid meteor photographed by NASA over Huntsville, Alabama

Photographed by Tommy Eliassen from Korgfjellet, Hemnes, Norway

Absolutely GORGEOUS composite image by Thomas O'Brien, who describes his process on his flickr page: "12 shots stacked into one frame. I shot 750 images and ended up with 35 photos with meteors in them but only used 12 since the rest were very faint."

Photographed by B.Art Braafhart from Salla, Finnish-Lapland

Photographed by Renata Arpasova from Avebury, Wiltshire, UK

Photographed by Gunner Hoffman (had to slip an instagram shot in here somewhere)

Photographed by Jason Jenkins in Sussex, New Jersey

Photographed by Mike Lewinski

Tons of places are collecting images of the shower from amateur and professional astrophotographers alike, and one of the largest galleries we've found is over at Go check it out, and feel free to include any photos we missed in the comments!