Skydiver Felix Baumgartner wasn't able to attempt his record-setting jump last week on account of the weather. He tries again today, and you can follow his mission live on YouTube. His capsule was expected to launch at 11 AM ET (Update: Doors have opened and he's preparing to jump!), so keep your eyes and ears on this video. You can also follow the mission through the Red Bull Stratos Twitter feed and the Red Bull Stratos website.

Update: Balloon inflation is complete. Soon.

Update: Liftoff!

Here's the view inside his capsule:

The scene at mission control:

A milestone in the trip has been reached:

Felix Baumgartner has passed 99,000 feet. He's now higher up than he's ever been before.

10:20 PT Update: He has officially passed the height of Joseph Kittinger's record-holding 102,800-foot jump. Holding our collective breaths here.

That's one record broken today:

It's official: He will jump.

11:01 Update: The doors will open soon. Waiting for the capsule to reach an ambient altitude of 128,000 feet.

11:05 Update: The door has opened!

Oh god. He's jumped. In freefall! This is amazing and uncomfortable all at once.

11:11 Update: He's still talking. Visor is fogging up.

11:12 Update: The chute has deployed! Claps all around.

11:13: Mama Baumgartner is so proud. I can't imagine how intense this experience is for the family.

11:14: Arms are in the air and he's looking good. He's giving the thumb's up.

11:16: He's already down to 5,800 feet. He has to steer the parachute based on the direction of the wind.


11:17: And he sticks the landing! The whole team did a fantastic job, and the broadcast end was amazing. What an incredible media experience to be able to watch the jump as it happened all the way down.

11:19: He didn't break Kittinger's record for duration of fall. We're still waiting to hear about the speed.

11:21: Unofficially the fastest freefall ever.