Are your normal nights knotted with nocturnal nervousness? Do you fear fiendish flesh-eating freaks? Dread demonic degenerates with delusions of doom? Then take a gander at Nathan O. Marsh's Alphabet Apocrypha, an alliterative account of the anxious and aberrant.

Marsh's alphabet, formerly titled Alphabet Horror Vacui, is a satire of children's alphabet books utilizing unnerving themes such as nightmares, war, monsters, institutionalized ignorance, and willful ambivalence to human suffering in lieu of familiar alphabet scenes of busy city streets, animals amongst nature, and happy fanciful scenes. Each piece takes a slightly different tack with Marsh's self-imposed assignment, and while some of them are funny in an almost Edward Gorey way, others worm there way into your brain.


Marsh is up to the letter "P," and the completed letter comics are available as prints from his store.

Alphabet Apocrypha [via Ian Brooks]