It's almost Halloween — the time of year when the whole world does cosplay. Every year, the Halloween superstores roll out their new line of costumes that are vaguely reminiscent of the year's hit movies and television shows. Except a whole lot sluttier.

Check out our round-up of the trashy, strange and occasionally quite good costumes you can buy this year. Including the traditional "steampunk" and "steampunk vampire" costumes, that get updated every year these days. Now, at last, you have something to wear to your local steampunk gathering, that'll be just as good as what they spent months making from scratch! Or if not, you can bite them.

Spider-Man costumes, ranging from decent to "What happened to Spidey?"

A couple of Amazing Spider-Man costumes, flanked by Spider-Women

The Avengers!

More of the Avengers!

Black Widow, Fem Cap, an "Iron Man" dancer, and a terrible Iron Man

Snow White and the Huntsman - they actually captured Kristen Stewart's facial expression

Adventure Time. The men's costumes are way better than the women's

Hunger Games — when does Katniss wear silver flip flops, again?

The Many Shapes of Batman

Batgirl and Robin... we think.

Batman Villains

Female Bat-Villains... including "Plus-Size Harley Quinn"

The Many Shapes of Superman

Missing the Point of Wonder Woman's Costume

Some Vaguely Disney-ish Alice in Wonderlands

Disney Princesses and Stuff

Fantasy Characters

More Fantasy Characters

Some Fairies

The Place Where Furries and Ravers Meet

Sexy Ghostbuster, Plus He-Man and She-Ra

Random Horror Characters

More Random Horror Characters, including American Horror Story

Wolf in Grandma's Clothing, Lazy Teen Wolf Costume, and Another Horror Thing, I Forget What

These Powerpuff Girls Costumes Freak Me Out. The Eyes.

Terrible Sesame Street Costumes, Except for Oscar the Grouch with the Trash Can Skirt

Various Cartoons

Two Possible Careers: Sexy Astronaut and Sexy Ninja

The Naughty Nerd Costume — if he makes a pass at a girl who wears glasses, he gets the "extra credit panties"

Jem and the Holograms

Various Sexy Devils - Hail Satan!

Steampunk, With "Steampunk Vampires" On Far Left and Second from Right

Various Tim Burton Costumes, including Two Versions of Elsa from Frankenweenie

Some Vampires

The Exorcist, Mirror Mirror, Austin Powers, 1001 Dalmations and Clockwork Orange

Various Video Games

All costume pictures via Spirit Halloween.