The first clip from the Red Dawn remake is out, and it's filling the American sky with computer-generated North Koreans. Well, the paratroopers were Chinese first, until moviemakers decided they didn't want to lose the Chinese market. Oof. But here it is, with Chris Hemsworth nobly running after his father at the first signs of an invasion. Personally, I would be ransacking the Ducati store for transportation.

How about the early reviews from the world premiere? Not good. Really not good. There were a few outsiders that liked it just fine, but most of the verdicts coming out of Fantastic Fest were fairly negative. We remain cautiously optimistic because when you're a Wolverine, you know how to wait out the bad. Red Dawn hits theaters on November 21.


EDIT: In the title I stated that the new Red Dawn was set in Colorado, but it turns out I was wrong. The new Red Dawn is set in the Seattle Washington area. Apologies.