Lamb people! Pony fights! Grimm is back and shoveling twist-free fables down your throat. This week, we were introduced to a bunch of sheep people and a wolf. The wolf did it. Mystery solved.

Despite this Grimm's zero spin on the whole wolf-in-sheep's-clothing tale, I didn't mind it. Perhaps it's because I was suffering from an unjust hangover paired with some aggressive cold meds, but sometimes it's just fun to watch people turn into sheep.

And Grimm showed a lot of sheep people this week. Someone should recreate this scene with oil paints. I would pay $15.00 for that. Anyways, this is the "flock." You get it? The flock. A shepherd's flock. Like Jesus. But this time a blutbad is Jesus, and instead of blessing his flock, this church leader is banging all the sheep and stealing their money. Because people who believe in religion have a herd mentality.

JK, JK this is Grimm guys. Just relax and watch this lady turn into a sheep.


Nick and Hank are assigned the sheeple case after the fella above is thrown into a meat grinder. Thankfully, he had a metal hip, so Grimm got to show some disgusting chewed up remains and a leg, and Nick and Hank got a fancy new assignment. It's infinitely better now that Hank knows about the fairy tale folk; it saves oodles of time without having Nick dance around his web of terrible lies. Moving on. Monroe goes undercover (is adorable as a Hobo Wolf), and we find out that the wolf is diddling the head sheep. The head sheep finds out the wolf is diddling all the other sheep ladies, and the herd murders him with their bare hands. No one goes to jail. "Let the DA handle it," says Captain Sexy. Team high five, and Grimm is over.

It wasn't particularly clever, but it was pretty fun. Aside from the whole group murder thing.

Side Notes:
• Captain Renard is slowly turning into a silver fox. Also, he might be in love with Nick's fiance, which I'm OK with because this amnesia story is going nowhere.
• The beaver folk were back, continue to be awesome.
• And finally, the pony man. OH BOY. Anyone else scream when he donkey kicked the shit out of Nick? PONY PUNCH! Usually Grimm tries to pair personalities or jobs with whatever animal mimics the qualities needed for said character. It's usually insanely obvious: snake=lawyer. That being said, I'm not really sure what a horse has to do with being stealthy. I mean they are crazy looking creatures that make me uncomfortable, but I wouldn't necessarily send a horse on a cat burglar assignment. Why not a cat? When I think of horse person in real life, I think of Bill Brasky. Just sayin.