There are a lot of monsters that we would have sex with — Santanico Pandemonium From Dusk Til Dawn, NEXT QUESTION. But the grey area of monsters we would "consider" having sex with is infinitely more interesting and absolutely worth debating. Would Hellboy be hot to the touch? Do you think the cat nurses from Doctor Who would hiss if you pet them against their fur?

We'll start. James P. Sullivan, or Sulley, from Monsters Inc. Built like a brick house, Sulley channels the whole gentle giant shtick, but we've all seen him in the scare floor so you know that this monster gets shit done during business hours. He's got a heart of gold and loves kids — and we could take a whirl with the whole fur obsession. Plus, horns and claws are sexy. Main problem: shedding. Turquoise fur all over the rug could be a real problem for multiple visits.


Now it's your turn. Show us the monster you would consider having sex with — please attempt to keep your images safe for work.

Submit your pics below.