Talk about catharsis: Looking to find a unique way to symbolically end her marriage, Rebecca Gibbs from Christchurch, New Zealand, has sent her wedding ring into space by using a homemade rocket that she built with her brother. After watching the rocket's second propulsion phase kick in, Gibbs described the experience as "uplifting."

Gibbs recorded the entire marriage-death ritual on video and uploaded it to YouTube, but it has since been taken down.


According to, the video was set to a backing track of Beyonce's "Best Thing I Never Had," with words written on the screen describing how their marriage deteriorated. It also showed her preparing and painting the rocket with the help of her dog, Xabu.

"I just thought that was awesome and it was a really liberating experience for me, and while it was for me, it was also for him, to let him know it was completely over," Gibbs told the New Zealand website.

The rocket itself was launched last week from a concrete pad at Birdlings Flat on Banks Peninsula.

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