The Avengers finally comes out on DVD/Blu-ray next week, which means we'll all be reliving the thrills and amazing revelations — including Agent Coulson's first name. And Coulson has finally been getting the kind of fan love that you'd think would be reserved for the Hulk or Nick Fury.

There are a bunch of Agent Coulson designs, due to popular demand, over at We Love Fine — including two shirts designed by artist Erebus Odora, who also designed actor Clark Gregg's Twitter icon. Here's one Odora original — check out another below. Coulson actually has his own category over at the T-shirt site — and his legend is just going to keep growing.

Here's the other Erebus Odora-designed T-shirt paying tribute to Phil Coulson. And below are the other new-ish Coulson shirts from We Love Fine.

Coulson Novueau, by NinjaInk.

Another shirt by NinjaInk.

More from NinjaInk.

"Son of Odin vs. Son of Coul" by NinjaInk

Artist unknown.

"Kawaii Agents." Artist unknown.

And finally, this one just says it all.