It turns out that you can visit Futurama's New New York, just a very small version of it. Lego builder Matt De Lanoy, a.k.a. Pepa Quin, has constructed many of the series' Earthican landmarks, complete with minifig delivery boys, robots, and aliens to witness the plastic brick horrors of the 31st century.

We first featured De Lanoy's Planet Express diorama way back in 2008, but his Lego Futurama project has grown since then:

This layout is the culmination of a work in progress for over two years. I started with the Planet Express and major characters back in February 2008. In December 2009 I expanded the building to include the sub pen, and built up a portion of the surrounding area. In late April through June 2010, I worked overtime to build an 80"x60" layout, ready in time for Brickworld 2010 on June 17th. This layout is a part of the much larger Northern Illinois Lego Train Club, and may be seen at our various shows in the Chicago area.

This is just one of the numerous incredible photos De Lanoy has taken of his tribute to the show. (And, fortunately, they've been uploaded as recently as this year, suggesting New New York still shows.) Head to his Flickr stream to see all the detail he's put into his Lego city, from the lights of Madison Cube Garden, to the bodiless residents of the Head Museum.


Welcome to the World of Tomorrow! [Pepa Quin via reddit]