The 1987 animated classic The Brave Little Toaster followed a bunch of outdated objects as they traveled across the land to be reunited with their owner. And it's a classic piece of cinema, with glorious music, great voice actors, horribly frightening moments — and it turned us all into hoarders. And like everything great from the past, it is now being remade in CG.

The Wrap is reporting that "Waterman Entertainment has acquired the right to The Brave Little Toaster and is planning to turn the property into a CGI/live-action hybrid feature." Gross.

On a side note they have also picked up the rights to Born Free: The Story of Elsa the Lion and plan on rebooting that as well, but from the perspective of the lion. Which, OK cool.

However this Toaster fiasco is disheartening at best. And now I will express my feelings about this needless remake in the form of song, from the original The Brave Little Toaster.