In the grand scope of Superman adventures, all of them are drossy pap compared to the time Clark Kent saved his teenage fan club using the power of dance. It was truly the most important of the Superman escapades.

In 1979's Superman Family #196, stodgy Clark Kent is pressganged by the "Clark Kent Fan Club" (yes, this was a thing) into hanging out at a local dance club. Unfortunately, Clark and his crazy-eyed groupies are caught betwixt an explosive discotheque turf war. Our hero can't risk turning into Superman to zap the demolitions, as he will compromise his secret identity. Instead, he embarks upon a bomb-disarming disco routine, which is just as magnificent as it sounds.

BONUS: The unambiguously relentless 1978 Superman disco theme by The Doctor Exx Band. See also: The Wonder Band and The Kinks.