The Shannon family and the wailing baby dinosaur of Fox's Terra Nova are long gone โ€” but not forgotten. But even though Fox pulled the plug on this incredibly expensive time-traveling series, that doesn't mean you have to be left feeling unsatisfied. Instead, Fox is starting a contest where Terra Nova fans can submit their own endings to the series โ€” with the help of motion comics and an online editing software. The show will even provide tons of images and visual effects stuff so you can make your chosen ending look cool.

The materials are all located over at the official Terra Nova website, and you have to enter a code from the season one DVD box set. So obviously, you have to BUY THE DVDs to participate in this contest (insert Dinosaur fart noise here) but those are the rules. Or you could just pitch your ending here, vet it out with io9 commenters and then if you still really want the motion comic version, go enter the actual contest.

[via Screen Crush]