We've got the first trailer for the interactive horror short The Swarming, which features electronic wasps that enter your body via cell phone, use your body as a host for their young, and then feast upon your innards. So there you have it — one more thing to be afraid of when it comes to both stinging insects and cell phones:

What if an infestation could not only cross species but also cross the barrier between electronic devices to living things? "The Swarming" is a frightening tale about a young musician who picks up his phone expecting to hear his girlfriend, but pure pain stabs into his ear instead. He finds himself infected by a deadly digital predator that has stung him like a wasp laying eggs in one of her victims. Now he is locked in a desperate struggle to save his lover before the young devour him from the inside out, driven by their fundamental programming: Hunt. Sting. Kill. Spread.

The Swarming, which was written by Sean Stewart and directed by Walter Robot, is part of the RIDES.tv world, a collection independent horror movies, shorts, dark comedies, and scifi flicks that drive the audience to interact with the footage. For example, when you watch The Swarming, you too will get a phone call that will infect your body with wasps, you're welcome ear holes! It all kind of sounds like The Signal meets The Glass Bees, but with more gimmicky stuff. If that tickles your fancy, the short is available now over at RIDES.tv.