We already know that the Thor sequel, Thor: The Dark World, will follow the warriors of Asgard as they fight the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim. And now we've seen — what we believe — is the land of the Dark Elves, but we've yet to spy one. Until now, that is — a recent crop of battle-heavy set pictures featuring the mighty Sif may have just revealed our first Elf!

The Daily Mail has a collection of exploding images from the Thor 2 set shot in Bourne Woods, Surrey. Could this be a Dark Elf? According to Bleeding Cool these characters are only being referred to as "marauders," but it's not like they would leak the face of the elves this early in the filming process. So we can't be certain, but we can't think of anything else this wrinkly face could possibly be.

Also check out the wildly different feel on set — looks like Thor 2 will be bringing the fantasy hard, and we're excited to see what the other Marvel movies will do with this kind of aesthetic. For more on set images, including more shots of Sif played by the lovely Jaimie Alexander, head over to The Daily Mail.

Images taken by Fame Flynet.