It's been so long since we've heard any news about the movie adaptation of the post-apocalyptic comic Y: The Last Man, we'd assumed it was dead. But now, Vulture is reporting from sources inside New Line Cinema the the studio is quite pleased with the latest draft from Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia.

According to Vulture, the graphic novel movie adaptation was originally supposed to go to director DJ Caruso, but he's long since abandoned all hope on this movie and the door is open for someone new. Rumor has it New Line Cinema is ready to find a new person for the project and are currently meeting with candidates (send us your pitch reels now!).

The graphic novel was penned by Brian K. Vaughn, and takes place after a plague simultaneously kills every living mammal possessing a Y chromosome on the planet. The only two survivors are Yorick Brown and his male pet monkey. Fingers crossed they get this one right — the book is amazing.