We've got a gaggle of amazing new images from The Hobbit, including some sultry images of both Fili and Kili looking hot with their dwarf selves. Here's hoping the hot new dwarf sensation will rekindle the flame of Tolkien whip burlesque. But in other, much more spoilery news, the app that these images came from also seems to set up the final scene in the first of the Hobbit trilogy.

The new Hobbit app (available on itunes) debuted the images here, but it also changed the original Hobbit scroll released back during Comic Con.

As you can see the final panel has been altered, leaving the folks at The One Ring to believe that the first movie will be ending when Gandalf throws pinecones at the wolves to set them on fire (or probably right before that moment). Which appears to be what the scroll has ended on. Works for us! Now time to drool over Fili and Kili some more.

[via Slashfim]