Most of the upcoming Dredd movie takes place indoors, inside the mega-apartment complex Peach Trees. But that doesn't mean that we won't get a taste of Mega-City One and the Cursed Earth. Thanks to visual development shop Framestore, we get an early peek at Mega-City One, plus a few looks at the concept stages of Judge Dredd himself.

Framestore (which is partnering with us for our Concept Art Writing Prompts) posted these concept images they helped to develop four years ago. Up top, you can see Mega-City One looming over the edge of the Cursed Earth, and Peach Trees bursting up from the skyline below. They also helped develop the movie version of Dredd's iconic Judge outfit and his Lawmaster motorbike:

But not all of the concept art made it into the movie. A different concept artist, Mark Simpson, tweeted his early concept design for the Lawgiver gun, which was modified for the final film:


He also designed a Lawgiver shotgun that doesn't appear in the movie:

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