Perhaps if you walked into a hall in Middle Earth long after Frodo Baggins had sailed off to Valinor, you would see the events of The Lord of the Rings laid out in sparkling stained glass windows. Artist Jian Guo gives us a taste of those windows with his storybook illustrations of Frodo's quest.

These are just two of Guo's Lord of the Rings series, depicting the hobbits' arrival in Lothlórien and their encounter with Gildor Inglorion. He's also illustrated scenes of Bilbo's birthday party, the Moria mines, and the Gates of Argonath. I'm not sure those pieces are possible for a real stained glass window, but they would, at the very least, look quite lovely sitting alongside the text.

Lord of the Rings [Jian Guo via Geek Art Gallery]