We've been wondering who or what American Horror Story's "Bloody Face" was ever since Maroon 5's lead singer (yes, he's in this show too) was spotted posing on set with a bit of "Beware Bloody Face" graffiti. And now, it seems we've finally got our first good look at the show's next big bad right here. Check out the bloody face of Bloody Face. Spoilers ahead...

Taken from a new Entertainment Weekly article on season two, these behind the scenes images show off one very scary creature in a skin mask. At least I think it's a skin mask — there's hair coming out of the chin, so that could be real hair flattened down with a bloody skin mask. But then again, this is AHS, so really it's anyone's guess. Maybe its the tanned flesh of a 1,000 gay ghost bunnies. We have no idea with this series. Which is why we're really looking forward to its return.

American Horror Story: Asylum will premiere on October 17th.

[Via Spoiler TV]