Sexy sexy diseases make the Wesen horny, in last night's episode of Grimm. This recap is going to be short and sweet — just like the episode "Quills." Which, surprisingly, is not about the horny Marquis de Sade. But a horny porcupine person.

Sticking to the monster-of-the-week rhythm, Grimm's big bad this week was a disease. A scratchy Wesen disease passed through breaking skin. Once infected, the fairy tale creature gets hot, really hot — like "Let's do it on your family's old picnic basket right here, right now" hot.


Then the infected Wesen breaks out into movie boils, becomes a zombie rage monster and tries to kill you.


Pharmacy Fox and Pilates Wolf go on an adorable date in the woods and start making eyes at each other. But their lovely G-rated romance takes a turn for the hard PG when Pharmacy Fox is infected with fairytale ebola. Look, at one point Nick mentioned the actual name of the virus... but then EDIT: the coroner called it "like ebola" so it's fairytale ebola now. Moving on, Pharmacy Fox gets the sick heats in a big way and attacks Pilates Wolf, and it's adorable. Monroe saves her life, and it's lovely.

That's really all that happens. And that's OK, we're perfectly fine with spreading on a little lovey dovey character-building between these two. Because later, when they kill Pharmacy Fox (and you know they are going to), Monroe can turn into a rage monster and we will all understand why. But for now, let these two kids have their cuddles and lazy yawns in the sun. It's nice.


Meanwhile, this lion guy showed up. At least I think it's a lion? He's probably important, but who knows because this show refuses to plot out the politics of the seven families of fairytown. And when this lion (??) face popped up on screen all I could think was that, somewhere in Portland there is an anteater Wesen. I must see this.

EDIT: Some people are saying he's like a horse. A HORSE! Ha! Do you think he sleeps/poops standing up?