Many works of high-fashion art are inspired by the natural beauty of animals, but these dresses by Lindsay Aspen are inspired by some distinctly unnatural animals. She sketches up Pokémon-fueled fashions that go through design evolutions.

Aspen has uploaded a couple dozen of these Pokédresses to her blog, starting, appropriately, with the starters Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle along with their evolved forms. Soon, everyone from Ekans to Pikachu was getting a fashionable reinterpretation. It's interesting to see Aspen take on the design challenges of the more oddly shaped Pokémon, only to turn them into dramatic (if odd) dresses, and she frequently gets more formal with the more highly evolved forms. But those platform shoes are sure to topple a high heels novice over, even if they're just standing around playing Nintendo DS.

Pokédresses [19 Cent Pens via Fashionably Geek]