San Francisco feels its fair share of tremors, but it's been well over a century since the city experienced anything as dramatic as the destruction of the 1906 earthquake. Photographer Shawn Clover has blended scenes from the 1906 devastation with modern photos of the intact city.

Clover picked out photos taken following the earthquake from 1906 and 1907, and then attempted to replicate the scenes. This meant figuring out exactly where the original photographer stood and matching the light and angle of each individual photograph. The results are startling, with the old buildings, old fashions, and old destruction thrown abruptly into our modern view. It also shows off the rebuilding that took place after so many buildings and streets were knocked to rubble.

See the rest of these photographic mashups at Clover's site.

1906 + 2010: The Earthquake Blend (Part I) & 1906 + Today: The Earthquake Blend (Part II) [Shawn Clover via Daily Mail via reddit]