We've had an episode of Adventure Time set in a fan-fiction gender-swapped universe. Could we see one set in a steampunk version of the cheerful post-apocalypse? Artist Micaella Anunciacion has come up with steampunk Adventure Time character designs that are winning us over to a corseted Princess Bubblegum and goggle-wearing Finn and Jake.

Anunciacion has been illustrating both the regular and gender-swapped Adventure Time characters in what she dubs a "Renaissance/Steampunk" style. It's no surprise that Flame Princess is especially well suited to steam — would the Fire Kingdom just run everything in a steampunk universe? — but BMO also looks rather dapper in his brass plating.

Head over to Anunciacion's Tumblr to see the rest of her punked up characters, including gender-flipped folks like Fionna, Gumball, and the Ice Queen.

Steampunk Adventure Time [Micaella Anunciacion via reddit]