We're excited for today's return of Doctor Who, but like a big segment of the Internet, we love imagining the Doctor crossing paths with another brilliant BBCer, Sherlock Holmes. To celebrate the return of Who, we've collected some weird and wonderful comics and illustrations that try to answer the question, "What if Sherlock met the Doctor?"

Top image by Lucy Knisley.

Buzzfeed collected a few dozen pieces of artwork featuring the most recent Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor side by side (with quite a few bits of slashart). Here we go a bit more of a comic route, with fans imagining brief interactions between the deductive detective and the Doctor.

reapersun imagines a meeting between Sherlock and Ten that leaves the Doctor quite unfazed.

reapersun also presents Sherlock and Watson playing a bit of mischief with a Dalek. Watch out, little Dalek, Sherlock has a habit of shooting up those smiley faces.

In Silarcta's meeting of these two minds, however, Ten is a little concerned about the consulting detective's driving.

oyo-yoh imagines Sherlock and the Eleventh Doctor exchanging companions.

Perhaps this is the same oyo who pit Sherlock against a Dalek in a debate. [via Buzzfeed]

halorvic also imagines a Sherlock/Dalek debate. It appears to being not so well for the Dalek.

Anthony Naylor of the Daily Dalek opted to transform both Sherlock and Watson into murderous alien cyborgs. It's a good look.

viria13 has Sherlock and Eleven arguing over their...tools.

The webcomic series Comic Who follows the adventures of the rejuvenated Doctors Nine, Ten, and Eleven along with their friends and foes. In an outtake episode, the Docs spot Sherlock talking to Doctor Who and Sherlock's own Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, only to have the writer/producers notice the lot of them, leaving Sherlock open for Captain Jack to swoop in.

The Science of Deduction opts for a simple, straightforward crossover. Just how would Sherlock's analysis of the TARDIS go? Presumably, he'd have some awareness of it had it ever appeared in his dimension and time.

Okay, yes, we're not supposed to call Sherlock a sociopath. But geothebio's t-shirt forces us to contemplate what mayhem these two would get up to inside the TARDIS.

In SherlockShiverNShake's piece, Watson at least just views the TARDIS as a convenient place to post his fliers. But what are the Doctor and Sherlock getting up to in the meantime?

blackbirdrose throws a hefty dose of Supernatural into the crossover stew by teaming up all three shows' suited nemeses to form a conga line. (If you like this, blackbirdrose has a whole mess of Superwholock for your viewing pleasure.)

Fensterseifer follows up this comic crossover with the following dialogue:

"You're wrong, Sherlock Holmes, probably for the first time in your life."

"You're not an Alien?"

"Well... yes, you're right about that. But your name is very important!"

Lucy Knisley always has the best fanart, and this is no exception. Wholock chicken!

Sherlockian Art imagines that John goes to the Doctor for help after a certain incident.

And KaiDarknight explains just where Sherlock gets off to.

Keeri-chan presents a similar meeting of the madmen.

Gracejo413, on the other hand, suggests Sherlock wouldn't be all that impressed by the journey.

hollyoakhill suggests an otherworldly explanation for the Holmes mystery, "The Hound of the Baskervilles."

TheDoctorAndSherlock realizes that such an epic meeting of the minds requires an epic illustration style.

Unlike so many fanartists, Anaeolist imagines that experiencing the TARDIS would fry Sherlock's logically deductive mind. John, meanwhile, has no problem with it.

inklou dreams up a crossover Christmas special, in which the Doctor teaches Sherlock and Mycroft the joy of the holiday.

This isn't the same Sherlock Holmes, but Paul Hanley has proposed a Baker Street Justice Society in the vein of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The Doctor's crew, Holmes, and Watson are joined by the likes of HG Wells. The Eleventh Doctor lays claim to the deerstalker, though, because "Deerstalkers are cool."

And then there's the canonical crossover between the Seventh Doctor and a classic Sherlock Holmes in All-Consuming Fire. So maybe an Eleventh Doctor/Sherlock teamup isn't entirely outside the realm of possibility?

RandomDraggon's pattern is a design mashup rather than a crossover, but it's also my laptop's current background.

John Kovalic of Dork Tower more or less sums up this mashup meme. (But let's be honest; I would totally watch that episode.)