Just for kicks, artist Alex Mitchell gave Earth's Mightiest Heroes a makeover in the style of chambara films, or samurai period dramas. Among those on his Avengers squad are a Hulk who subdues his monstrous side with paper talismans, a Captain America who battles with a steel-reinforced parasol to avoid killing his foes, and a S.H.I.E.L.D. staffed by ninjas and spymasters.

Here are some redesigns that caught our eye — click on any image to view in full. You can find the full roster and character synopses here.

[Tetsuya Suzaku's] personality and lifestyle ballooned with success, and his wild behavior led to a rift in the Suzaku family. A bloody attempt by a family faction to kidnap Tetsuya and force him reveal his new gunpowder formula forced him to change his outlook. He escaped the mine he was held in by building a suit of armor and weapons from strange materials he found in the mine depths.

Nobu Tsubana was a promising young onmyouji in the court of a powerful lord. When news spread of a terrible demon making trouble in the land, Tsubana was among those dispatched to exorcise it. The encounter with the mighty oni went awry, proving too much for any of the sorcerers and priests to handle, and Tsubana was forced to seal the creature inside his own body as a last resort.

Born of Izanami and Izanagi, Raijin is a powerful god of storms and thunder. He was sent down to Earth in human guise to stop the destruction waged by his brother, Kagu-tsuchi, god of fire and devastation. Raijin has godlike strength and durability, and he wields a whirling manriki (meteor hammer variant) to frightening effect. He is good-natured and kind to mortals, but quick to anger and exceedingly stubborn.

Mitchell's Avengers redesign project is an extension of his prior chambara remolding of the Justice League of America.

Here we have a Chinese monk Martian Manhunter, the obligatory ninja Batman, a super-fast yakuza swashbuckler, and an Edo police inspector with a green lantern. (Kappa Aquaman would've however brought the huge comedy.)

[Via Project Rooftop]