Grimm takes a break from refusing to explain the Seven Kingdoms of Fairy Tale Royalty to tackle one dangling plot line. Hey we couldn't leave "Sassy Black Police Partner" alone in the closet with a gun this entire season. Oh pish posh, I know his name is Hank. And that's a really big step for me on remembering the unremarkable characters on this show.

Hand to my CG Wesen face, I really liked this episode of Grimm, — it pushed the plot a bit forward, and gave me a weird furry sex dream about Jacob from Lost. Spoilers ahead...

This week. Grimm dove right back into their "monster of the week" rinse-and-repeat cycle. And after the conclusion of the two-parter (which wasn't much of a conclusion at all) I'm supremely happy this show is going back to what it does best looking for magical coins Wesen hunting! So what did we get, rapey Coyote people, which *makes big eyes and scared toothy grimace because this subject makes us uncomfortable* but more on that later.

Did I mention that sexual dynamite Mark Pellegrino was in this episode? Because he was. And he was great. The scruffy sexualized Wile E Coyote spent the majority of the episode looking perfectly discheveled and crying like Coyote because he was a Coyotl. Not the most inspired name choice thus far, but OK. You see, Mark Pellegrino's Coyotl daughter was kidnapped so she could be raped by her Uncles and Grandfather, thus prolonging the inbred Coyotl pack. Which, yeeesh.

Somehow, these terrible biker/hillbillies kidnap the daughter, and then cobble together an actual white dress, ceremony flag and a collection of totem pole animal skulls for their horrible ceremony. The whole thing looked like Ke$ha's wedding.


Meanwhile Hank and Nick (with Nick completely ignoring Juliette's very annoying amnesia problem) are on the case. Continuing with their tradition of being the worst cops ever, they bring the erotic labrador Pellegrino along with them to retrieve his daughter. In the car, with them. It's really a Jenga pile of terrible cop decision-making skills, but that's OK, because the end goal was getting Nick to reveal he was a Grimm to Hank, so we no longer have to sit through any more tedious Hank therapy sessions.

The horror is real — and no one wants any harm to come to baby Coyotl (it's revolting to even think about it). Her horrific captors even go as far to collectively wash her in a giant tub, outdoors. We were completely OK with Nick killing all of them, alas that didn't happen. But the good news is, Coyotl girl turned Wesen in front of Hank, because she was afraid of being attacked by Nick. Hank freaks the shit out, naturally. But Nick talks him down and then they immediately use their cool-headed knowledge against the pack and knock them all out cold. Now Nick has his partner back. And to be honest, it's going to be infinitely easier to spend time unraveling this fairy tale history of royalty when Hank isn't sitting in the closet for an entire episode. The action was tight, the episode moved fast. It felt like a solid and rewarding reveal, for most of the characters.

Overall, great stuff. A solid Grimm meets Law & Order episode that pushed forward Hank and Nick's story. Now, all we need is a dinner between Pilates Wolf and the warm fur blanket of Pellegrino, and we'll be happy campers.