Three weeks ago, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (aka JPL) landed the Curiosity rover on Mars. It was a monumental achievement, but only the most recent in a long and impressive string of missions in which JPL has played a major part.

This beautiful data visualization — which shows the launch dates of more than 100 completed, current and projected JPL missions between 1958 and 2019 — helps illustrate the true extent of the Lab's role as a powerhouse of space exploration.

NASA recently released the visualization (which really deserves to be seen in hi-res — click here to make that happen) to promote its newly launched JPL Infographics website, an awesome resource database that makes it easier than ever for the public to transform NASA data into mission themed, scientific works of art.

According to the Agency:

JPL Infographics, a newly launched website and resource database from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., is inviting space aficionados and graphic wizards to take on a visual challenge by grabbing NASA data and transforming them into a scientific work of art.

The website provides extensive collections of NASA science and mission data, graphics and space images that members of the public can download and use to create their own infographics - creative illustrations of complex data. Users can then upload their infographics, have them reviewed by JPL experts, and share their creations in a public gallery on the JPL website.


Is data visualization your thing? Visit JPL Infographics to create your own account and start submitting your work!