This week in the world of cartoons, Dipper and Mabel talk to a time traveler on Gravity Falls, while George Takei makes an amazing, hilarious, and at the same time extremely creepy appearance on Adventure Time.

Since it's a light week, we also get the joy of watching the intro to 1993's Stone Protectors, one of the most bizarre cartoon intros of all time, as well as Marvel's version of 127 Days, starring Deadpool.


Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes are off for a couple weeks, but your superhero fix comes back next week with the return of Green Lantern: The Animated Series!

As always, minor spoilers ahead!

Gravity Falls – "The Time Traveler's Pig"

Ever get so depressed you just lay on a skee ball table? Dipper does. While Dipper and Mabel visit the fair, Dipper reminisces over a mistake he made regarding a lost love.


While at the fair, they find a time traveler in distress and attempt to borrow his ride.

Adventure Time – "Lady & Peebles"

It's a Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn team-up episode! The duo are on the hunt for Finn and Jake, captives of Ricardio (voiced by Star Trek's George Takei).

This clip shows Ricardio attempting to win the love of Princess Bubblegum in a creepy manner that only Takei can deliver.

Regular Show – "Fuzzy Dice"

It's Pop's birthday, and there is only one thing he wants — fuzzy dice from the Fun Fun Zone.


If you've ever been to one of these establishments (Chuck E. Cheese and ShowBiz Pizza Place, cough cough), your money is no good to them — they only deal in tickets won through feats of agility and cunning. The FBI also show up, further complicating the night's events.

Stone Protectors – "Intro"

I won't lie, I never got past the intro to this series. The opening song for Stone Protectors is one of the oddest intros in the history of television. I think the series is about little troll dolls that held mystical gems on their person and sold out stadiums with vicious guitar licks, but I'm not sure. I do know that the line "(insert name here), his stones of power glow" became a popular catch phrase at my school thanks to the cartoon.

Marvel Super Heroes: What The—?! – "127 Seconds"

What would Deadpool do if he found himself in the situation James Franco did (well, sort of) in the Academy Award nominated biographical film 127 Hours? Now we know, and in a lot less time.

Top image courtesy of Cartoon Network. Regular Show and Adventure Time air Monday nights on Cartoon Network. Gravity Falls airs Friday nights on the Disney Channel. Stone Protectors only ran for 13 episodes.