Oh, Grimm, what are we going to do with you? So many things we love — and so many things that make us go glassy-eyed and realize, "Oh yeah, we're watching TV."

I do love this show. It has absolutely grown on me, I applaud the more ambitious two-part storyline — and I especially adore the gorgeous concept art of the lovely Wesen that was released this week. But... last nights episode left me a little cold. Thank goodness Renard took his shirt, and then turned different colors — so not a total loss.

This week picked up right where last week left off, Nick is wrestling a big kitty! Actually, before we get started I need to point something out. In the "last week on Grimm" recap, Pilates Wolf calls Nick's Mom a bitch! Did I hear that right? No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. He is our little gentleman. In the corner for 15 minutes, Pilates Wolf. That is somebody's mother! Moving on, so Nick and his Mom make quick cat meat of the giant kitty. The End.

Then Nick's Mom kills the Hexenbeast Mom. She likes to kill things.

Nick is taken into custody by the FBI, and just like the giant kitty plotline, that whole mess is quickly wrapped up in a manner of minutes. Apparently, everyone in Portland is bad at their jobs.

Meanwhile Renard reveals his true skin as some sort of sexy lizard beast, I'm into it. Then the Capatin drinks the purity potion HexenMom mixed up, coughs up smoke, and turns red.


Now pure of heart, Renard kisses Juliette and she wakes up from her coma. Nick runs to her side (unaware of Renard's kisses) and DUN DUN DUN! Juliette doesn't remember Nick! It is the oldest trope in the book, and it's really, truly annoying. I'm not particularly surprised or worried about Juliette, because like all things Grimm I assume this issue will be disposed of nicely, and then everyone will go get ice cream. Except we won't get to SEE the ice cream trip, because I never get to see any world building that is fun any more. Just blood and bodies.


The whole episode felt like it had to finish what it started, but did so in a really cliche way. And that makes me sad. I loved the Beaver Village of last year, and the Hansel and Gretel black market organ harvesting episode. And yes, we were teased with a tiny bit more of the Royal Fairy Tale families, when Renard phoned his brother (the delightful James Frain) — but I need more!

Instead of having the two mothers fight and reveal absolutely nothing about the world they've been entrenched in for decades, why couldn't they fire off a few rounds of loaded statements? This could have been a bigger moment! Something that revealed a history, or at least a little about Renard's history. I assume that's why Nick's Mom is staying — to kill off Renard — but I really don't know why. Except that there is a device of absolute power, and they can't have it because they are lizards.

Meanwhile, all we've seen from Renard has been fairly positive. I'm sure this is exactly where we're meant to be with Renard, I just wish there was more. Perhaps when his brother comes in for the weekend, the blanket on the seven families will be pulled back. I just want to know why we should fear them, because right now all I see are two hot guys with a lot of money who own Castles. Castles.


Oh and the new titles worked this episode. Were they trimmed? I liked them a lot more this screening.