For an electrical engineering project, Gilcelio Chagas built this crackerjack model depicting an island desalination plant. After looking at this motorized homemade playset, it becomes abundantly clear that all engineering exams up to the graduate level must come with a diorama component that is worth 33% of the student's grade.

According to Chagas, this impressive display of engineering porn "was created in academic way to show how complicated the process of desalination of sea water and how best to preserve our natural sources of freshwater. This project does not follow strictly the original design but serves to draw attention to the care of the water."

LEGO should take some cues here and transform all of their movie tie-in play sets into civil engineering tableaus. ("Merry Christmas, kids. Here is your Lord of the Rings Sewage Treatment Center. Gollum here will teach you all about the centrifugal sludge thickening process.")

You can see more photos here. [Via Brothers Brick]