For the upcoming As You Wish Project charity event, over forty Boba Fett and clone trooper helmets were redesigned by such luminaries as director Joe Johnston and artist Sandy Dhuyvetter, who both played a role in designing his original costume. Additionally, sculptors recreated the Mandalorian mercenary's headgear in the style of Damien Hirst, Tony Stark, and even Fett's own spacecraft, the Slave I. Here are some of the helmets to be sold — that faux H.R. Giger clone trooper redesign is a doozy.

"Game of Clones" by Sideshow Collectibles/Jesse Lincoln and Anthony Mestas

"For the Love of Holiday Specials" by Rich Dellinger

"Mythosaur Hunter" by Mars Visions

"HRG Trooper" by Thomas Spanos

"The East Platform" by Arturo Delgado

"Iron Fett" by Alex Alva

"Retro Robot" by Chris Trevas

"Stormy Jaffa" by Phillip Freeman

"Mandalorian 300" by Max Cervantes

"Honos Gladius Fortis" by Alex Buechel

"Musha-Boba" by Kotobukiya

"Dovah Fett" by Volpin Props

"Boba Recall" by Tom Spina Designs

[Via Super Punch]