MEAN STREETS OF CORUSCANT | Amazing Star Wars concept art shows the seedy, nasty underbelly of George Lucas' shiny perfect unvierse, where an R2 unit is only useful for a trash-can fire. More art here.

Fall Movie Preview: 5 Movies We're Sure Will Rule, and 21 That Could Surprise Us

This might be the strongest fall movie season we've ever seen. Almost every week has a movie coming out that we're either excited about or curious about. More »

A novel that makes terraforming awesome again

Too often, we associate complexity and thoughtfulness with pessimism. But in Kim Stanley Robinson's gorgeous new space opera, 2312, the renowned author demonstrates that hopeful futures can be as complicated as any dystopia. More »

Can we stop the spread of brain-eating amoebas that killed two children in Minnesota?

Back in December, authorities learned that Naegleria fowleri - a deadly, brain-eating amoeba, pictured here - was living in Louisiana tapwater, infecting its victims' grey matter by way of neti pot. More »

Stop Calling Sherlock a Sociopath! Thanks, a Psychologist.

I'd like to get something off my chest. It's been bugging me for a very, very long time. Sherlock Holmes is not a sociopath. He is not even a "high-functioning sociopath," as the otherwise truly excellent BBC Sherlock has styled him (I take the words straight from Benedict Cumberbatch's mouth). More »

A naval officer calls this "the weirdest thing I've seen in 18 years at sea"

The Royal New Zealand Navy has discovered 7500 square miles of the lightweight stone pumice floating in the South Pacific. New Zealand's Scoop reports that Royal Australian Navy Lieutenant Tim Oscar called it "the weirdest thing I've seen in 18 years at sea." More »

Are fan fiction and fan art legal?

Fan fiction and fan art are both enormous components of our popular culture, a way we retell our favorite stories just as humans have always retold myths and legends. More »

Government surveillance system Trapwire could be illegal

Last week, whistleblower site Wikileaks posted some internal company documents about a high-tech surveillance system called Trapwire, which is used by governments and private companies to identify "suspicious" or "terrorist" behavior. More »

A woman and her pet Utahraptor go traipsing through the streets of Melbourne

What would you do if you saw a raptor strolling through your city, happily sniffing the storefronts while walking obediently on-leash? Would you run for it, or would you treat it like a giant, talon-wielding dog? More »

10 Comic Book Characters Who Are Cooler Than Batman

No, Batman isn't the coolest person in comics. Consider: Batman is a little nutty. There are tons of stories where Batman is portrayed as an uptight dude who doesn't understand the kids and their loud music. More »

The Rise of the Three-Parent Family

Babies with three parents are no longer the stuff of science fiction. A British ethics board has just approved an experimental treatment that results in babies with genetic material from two women and one man. More »

What the f*ck has NASA done for you lately? More than you think.

Despite NASA's epic accomplishments last week - what with the landing a one-ton superlab on the surface of Mars with a rocket-powered skycrane, and everything - the haters remained out in full force, asking inane, vaguely trollish questions along the lines of "what's the point?" "why is NASA wasting money on robots in space?" and "what the fuck has NASA actually done for me lately"? More »

Biggest Box Office Hits and Misses of Summer 2012

This was another brutal summer, where movie titans did battle. And now that it's over, some films stand tall and victorious, while others lay dead in the killing fields. More »

These animated GIFs are from the creepiest computer game that never existed

If you remember the low-tech roleplaying games of the 1980s, the unsettling digital artwork of Uno Moralez should strike a chord with you. Moralez takes black-and-white pixelated graphics, tosses in a smidge of motion, and ramps up the foreboding to borderline Lovecraftian levels. More »

What if movie Captain America had the body of comic book Captain America?

Superheroes are supposed to have Olympian physiques, but this is plum disturbing. More »

Our Giant Guide To Fall's Must-See Science Fiction And Fantasy TV

Zombies, bloody face monsters, aliens, and swashbuckling anti-electricity villains - this fall TV has it all. Here's the chronological list of the genre television shows you cannot miss this fall. More »