The original X-Men trilogy featured a ton of special effects makeup, including special prosthetics that created the characters of Mystique, Wolverine, Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth, Toad and Nightcrawler. This weekend sees the opening of a brand new exhibition that showcases the work of Gordon Smith, who devised the prosthetics and makeup for the first two X-Men films. Check out an exclusive gallery of images from the exhibition.

All photos: Sarjoun Faour, WireImage/Getty for TIFF

The free exhibition called "X-Men Master: Gordon Smith" is coming this weekend as part of the Toronto International Film Festival, at TIFF Bell Lightbox's Canadian Film Gallery. The exhibition focuses on how Smith revolutionized the industry, pioneering the use of advanced silicone makeup technology.


The items in the exhibition include a full-body plaster cast of Mystique, with her wig apparatus, contact lenses, and all the "applied body details" displayed separately. Also present:

  • A bust of Wolverine, plus Wolverine's blades, mechanical arms and glass eyes
  • Lady Deathstrike's "bust and blades"
  • Toad's warts, tongue and "special glasses"
  • Nightcrawler's "scarification tattoo art," hands, feet and tail — plus a plaster cast of his torso, and his "tail mechanism"
  • Sabretooth's wig, "dental veneers," glove prosthetics, and claws
  • Senator Kelly's collapsible dummy head, from one particular special effects sequence.

Check out a ton of photos from the exhibition below. Don't forget to click and enlarge, or right-click and select "open link in new tab."