Surviving the apocalypse is thirsty work — so you're going to need a place to get your drink on, after the collapse of civilization. Meet the Atomic Cafe, the bar where everybody knows the names of all your weapons.

The Atomic Cafe was newly built for Wasteland Weekend, the annual Mad Max-themed event in the desert that we've written about before. The next Wasteland Weekend is coming up, at the end of September.

Wasteland Weekend volunteer Jared Butler tells io9:

With all the talk of the impending apocalypse, be it Mayan-related, economy-related, or zombie-related, there's no shortage of people creating artistic weaponry, vehicles, and bomb shelters to help the doomsday-minded out-prep their neighbors. But at long last, someone has answered that burning question: On the day after, where will you get a drink?

Artist Adam Chilson set out to answer that question, by creating the ultimate post-apocalyptic backyard bar. Built by volunteers and friends from a combination of scrap metal and car parts, the bar is durable, functional, and Mad Max-beautiful. In fact, the whole creation was inspired by the "Atomic Cafe" in the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. (The sign over this version is a dead ringer for the one in that film, but everything else is an original design).

The bar has all the modern conveniences you'd want in a post-apocalyptic watering hole: Car hoods that double as awnings, saloon-style doors from a '65 Chevy pickup, a bank of car batteries powering up the "high voltage" wall of wires and automotive lights (though the real power comes from a hidden generator), a back bar anchored by the dashboard of a GMC flatbed truck (with working radio), a washing station that's desert-ready (thanks to a gravity-fed sink hooked up to water cans), and a menu of signature cocktails with everything from a Glowjito to Atomic Sake Bombs.

The bar was recently battle-tested at a private party, but will make its public debut at Wasteland Weekend in the Mojave desert on September 27th, 2012.