Italian comic artist Denis Medri has regaled us with some smashing alternate history superheroes before — we mean you, greaser Batman. And Medri's latest series of sketches is a charming addition to that familiar "Star Wars reimagined as a Western/samurai epic/QVC toaster advertisement" fan art tradition.

Medri has recast the characters from the original trilogy as the stock denizens of a 1980s teen movie. There are some fun embellishments here — Darth Vader is the leader of a misbehaving motorcross gang (he looks half Billy Zabka, half The Wraith).

Artoo is the European exchange student (who only Threepio can understand). Lando's probably watched Purple Rain a dozen times, and Han and Chewie are two wasteoids with a Trans Am. (Kenny Loggins undoubtedly supplied the soundtrack, with back-up vocals from Stryper and Vanity 6 as a supergroup stand-in for the Max Rebo Band.)

[Denis Medri via Fashionably Geek]