All weekend long, Star Trek fans have been just barely This Side of Paradise. Trek afficionados just spent their shore leave at Star Trek Las Vegas, one of the greatest Trek conventions in Federation history. And the amazing Jordan Hoffman has been tweeting unbelievable cosplay photos from the con all weekend.

Here are just some of the awe-inspiring and clever costumes from the weekend's celebration of Star Trek. We're super grateful to Jordan Hoffman for letting us post some of his photos — you should all be following the man on Twitter.

Update: Added a few photos by Brett Papworth from Flickr.

Top image: Elvis Gorn! 50,000 Dead on Cestus III can't be wrong! Plus a recreation of the Gorn battle from "Arena."

Nurse Chapel, plus another random "Science Blue" uniform.

Two "Gamesters of Triskelion" costumes. A Gamekeeper with evil brain... plus Shana!

An Andorian and an Orion Slave Girl.

More TOS uniforms!

Photo by Brett Papworth/Flickr.

Deanna Troi and a random Klingon, Deanna and Lwaxana Troi, and a real-life husband-and-wife team.

Sherlock Data, Q, and a pairing of Sela and Ardra

Lt. M'Ress, a uniform from The Motion Picture, and Zephram Cochrane

The crewmember who gets killed in the gym in "Charlie X," Elaan of Troyius, and that guy from "The Way to Eden."

The cop from J.J. Abrams' movie, Arachnia from Voyager's holodeck, and the Binars!

The Mirror Universe


Nero and Shinzon

Redshirts! Plus Picard rocking the skant from the TNG pilot.

Reptilian Xindi, plus Zooey Deschanel as T'Pol.

Bajorans! At left: Kai Winn and a random Vedek. At right: Vedek Bareil.

A Bajoran and a Jem'Hadar.

An Abramsverse Trill from the Mirror Universe. Plus a Hirogen Borg.

THREE people dressed as the Crystalline Entity.

A Borg hanging with some random Orions. Plus a Borg Queen!


A Sad Vulcan. Plus people dressed as the Vasquez Rocks, where Kirk fought the Gorn.

Nero and a random Orion girl. Plus the Punk Federation.

Naked Ferengi Women. (Sort of.) And Kim the Cardassian.

The woman who denies Spock's Kohlinahr in the Motion Picture. Spock's Mother. And T'Pau.

Harry Mudd and wife. An away team from "The Naked Time." And Romulans!

Photo by Brett Papworth/Flickr.

Photo by Brett Papworth/Flickr.

Photo by Brett Papworth/Flickr.

Photo by Brett Papworth/Flickr.