Christopher Nolan may have closed the door on his Dark Knight trilogy, but that hasn't stopped fan filmmakers from placing their favorite rogues in a Nolan-inspired Gotham City. In Batman: Puppet Master, puzzle-loving Edward Nigma has arrived in town, and we get to see the wooden gangster Scarface brought (sort of) to life.

Written by Chris Wiltz, directed by Bryan Nest, and set immediately after the events of The Dark Knight, Puppet Master keeps Batman out of retirement for a while as he deals with a new wave of crime. FBI Agent Nigma has come to Gotham allegedly to deal with the crime, but he's already struck an alliance with Arkham Asylum's favorite nonexistent mobster. Plus, he's trying to unravel an intriguing riddle: what really happened to Harvey Dent? There's some great casting in this piece, and the Ventriloquist is just perfect. I never gave much thought to seeing a live-action Scarface toting his Tommy gun, but now I must see more.

Batman: Puppet Master [via The Daily What]