We've got just a couple of projects to set before your eyeballs today, one to make you go "Aww" and one to inspire future awe. Consider crowdfunding a Superman actor's cross-country tour of children's hospitals, or the construction of a microcontroller that will let you study suborbital space from your back yard.

Superman's Hospital Heroes Tour: Dustin Dorough is a Superman fan who wants to bring a sense of hope to children in need of a little cheering up. He plans to visit at least one children's hospital in each of the 48 US states and two Canadian provinces dressed as the Man of Steel. He's looking for help with gas, food, and lodging costs to cover 15,000 miles and roughly 100 days. For a $10 pledge, he'll send you a signed 8x10 photograph of himself as Superman. If you'd rather help Dorough in a non-monetary way, head over to his Facebook page. He could use a few dozen couches to sleep on.

Firefly - Exploration with Arduino made easy: Have you been looking for an excuse to send up a high-altitude balloon? Firefly is an Arduino-compatible microcontroller created by Kentucky Space and Evadot that will can charge, log data, and provide radio communications for whatever device you'd like to send into suborbital space. Think of it as the beginning of your own personal space program. For $160, you'll receive a Firefly board, a t-shirt, and a pack of stickers. [via Geekdad]