AND AWAY WE GO | Phil Saunders concept art for Jon Favreau's unmade version of John Carter of Mars, from 2006.

100 Wonderful and Terrible Movies That Never Existed

For every movie that makes it to your local cineplex, there are dozens that never come into existence. In another universe, Mel Gibson directed Fahrenheit 451, Terry Gilliam directed Watchmen, and Batman fought Godzilla. More »

Three Strange Theories About Why America's Crime Rate Is So Low

Despite its reputation as a hive of gun-toting murderous maniacs, the United States has enjoyed a tremendous drop in crime over the past twenty years. More »

Science Fiction Movie Moments that Made Us Believe In Wonder

This past week, we've rekindled our sense of wonder, watching Curiosity land and explore a world millions of miles away. But the best science fiction and fantasy movies have a way of rekindling that same feeling of wonder, with amazing spectacle and powerful visions. More »

How to Read the Landscape From Your Airplane Window

Do you ever wonder what you're seeing when you look out of your airplane window and spot bizarre red pools or strange green circles on the ground below? You're not alone. We talked to Gregory Dicum, author of the incredible aerial landscape guide Window Seat, about the weirdest and most beautiful views from an airplane. We have a gorgeous gallery. More »

The Philosophical Roots of Science Fiction

People use science fiction to illustrate philosophy all the time. From ethical quandaries to the very nature of existence, science fiction's most famous texts are tailor-made for exploring philosophical ideas. More »

Science Proves Luke Skywalker Should Have Died In The Tauntaun's Belly

It is one of the weirdest, wildest moments in Star Wars history. Han Solo picks up Luke Skywalker's lightsaber and slices open the belly of his dead tauntaun and stuffs Luke in to to warm him up and save his life. More »

Six Earth Cities That Will Provide Blueprints for Martian Settlers

If humans follow Curiosity to Mars later this century, we'll need cities modeled on ones that already exist in extreme climates on Earth. Here are six high-tech (and a few low-tech) cities that would have a passing shot at survival in the Martian climate. More »

Seven-foot long minifig-scale Serenity model is a Lego masterpiece

Adrian Drake spent 475 hours over the course of 21 months to build this painstakingly accurate model of Firefly's Serenity entirely out of Lego bricks. More »

Eight years after the Athens Olympics, some venues have been left to rot

The Greek embassy estimated that it cost Greece €8.954 billion to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2004, including the construction of the Olympic Village and several shiny new athletic venues. More »

The billionaire genius who Tony Stark is based on wants humans on Mars within 15 years

The world knows him as Elon Musk - co-creator of PayPal, founder of Tesla motor sports, and CEO of SpaceX, the first private company in history to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station. More »

Glass shells let you see hermit crabs like you've never seen them before

When I was little, I fascinated by hermit crabs, tugging them out of their borrowed shells so I could see the soft bodies within. If I'd had access to Robert DuGrenier's blown glass shells, I might have spared many a hermit crab from trauma. More »

Before They Were Famous: Best Science Fiction Cameos by Today's Stars

Just about every actor who's famous today has dabbled in science fiction early in his or her career. You can barely watch late-night reruns of science fiction shows or classic movies without spotting one of today's A-list actors. More »

Are we running out of time to kill Hitler via time travel?

Most people here have heard about the Grandfather Paradox. Most people here have also read at least one time-travel story in which people either take out or attempt to take out Hitler. More »

Hot damn, this book is pure geeky fun

You probably know Jim C. Hines as the guy who recreated the absurd poses that women strike on the covers of fantasy novels a while back. But now he's written a new fantasy novel about a guy whose power comes from books - and it's actually way more fun than you could have expected. More »

A photograph of Curiosity during landing has been leaked!

This is not a model, a simulation, or an artist's rendering. This is an actual photograph of the actual rover, descending on its actual freaking parachute, on a planet hundreds of millions of miles away. More »

These TARDIS tights leave little to the imagination, are not Dalek-proof

If there's ever a gritty adult reboot of Doctor Who brimming with blood and salaciousness, the Doctor will gruffly toss Black Milk's TARDIS leggings ($79.30) at his new companion and mutter, "Oi! More »

10 TV Shows that Survived After Their Original Showrunners Left

We're watching the final ever episodes of True Blood with Alan Ball at the helm right now - Ball is stepping away for next season. And soon enough, we'll get to see what Community looks like without Dan Harmon as showrunner. More »

Spider lives in woman's ear for five days, everyone on the planet winces in unison

The notion of spiders clambering into our orifices while we sleep may sound like the purview of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, but for a one "Ms. Lee" who visited China's Changsha Central Hospital yesterday, it was a shudder-worthy reality. More »