Every now and then, a parent complains about their child being exposed to a science fiction book that contains challenging ideas or language — most notoriously, last year there was the whole kerfuffle over Ender's Game. But the latest outcry is over what might be the most unexpected text of them all: Robopocalypse, the robot uprising novel that Spielberg is making into a film.

To be fair, Sam Lee, the parent of a 14-year-old kid who's being required to read Robopocalypse at STEM Academy in Hardin Valley in West Knoxville, TN does have a point about the language in the book. Here's the passage that got Lee riled up:

In particular, the reference to "God and all his cronies," followed by "fucking" and "kill," may have been a bit strong. In any case, Lee is calling the book "inappropriate" and raising a protest. The book was assigned as part of a summer reading program, with the kids discussing it and other books in small groups this fall.

Here's the WBIR news report on the controversy: